DNZ Board


Chair: Rebecca Ewert
Email: rewert@orcon.net.nz
Alison Storey selection@divingnewzealand.co.nz
Len Wakefield len.angie@xtra.co.nz
Simon Latimer sjlatimer@gmail.com
Mike McCredie mikemccredie@xtra.co.nz
Lindsay Stone lindsaystone@xtra.co.nz
Administrative Support: Lindsay Stone
Email: lindsaystone@xtra.co.nz

Board – Terms of Reference


The aim of Diving New Zealand (DNZ) is to promote, foster, encourage and manage springboard and platform diving in all its forms and to promote competition at all levels.

Specific objectives to achieve this aim are outlined in C3 of the DNZ Constitution.

Responsible to: Through the Chairman ofBoard of DNZ, to the members of DNZ

Composition Ref: DNZ Constitution C17.1

  1. The Board of DNZ shall consist of six (6) persons (including a Chairman) who shall be confirmed, elected or appointed as per the DNZ Board Member Selection Business Process.
  2. A quorum shall be four (4) Board Members Ref: DNZ Constitution C19.6

Member Skills and Criteria

Refer to the Board Member position description.


Subject to the provisions of C17.6 of the DNZ Constitution. Board appointments and elections shall be for a period of two (2) years.

Where any casual vacancy on the Board occurs, the Board may appoint a person it considers has the necessary skills and attributes to fill the vacant position for the balance of the term of the vacating member or to the next AGM whichever occurs first. Ref: DNZ Constitution C17.8.1, 17.8.3, 17.8.4.

All changes to the membership of the Board shall be recorded in the minutes of the appropriate Board meeting.

Powers, Duties and Responsibilities

The powers, duties and responsibilities of the Board of DNZ are as prescribed in C4 and C18 of the DNZ Constitution.

Operating Principles

Meetings of the Board of DNZ shall be conducted as outlined in C19 of the DNZ Constitution.


The Board of DNZ is authorised to carry out any activity specifically or by implication provided for in the DNZ Constitution.

Board Selection Panel – Terms of Reference


To consider applications for appointment to the Board of Diving New Zealand (DNZ) and to recommend to the Annual General Meeting the best candidate for the available positions on the Board based on merit. Ref: DNZ Constitution C17.3.2.

Composition Ref: DNZ Constitution C17.2.2

  1. The Selection Panel (the Panel) shall consist of three (3) persons (including a Chairman) comprising:
    1. two people elected or appointed by the delegates at the AGM of DNZ
    2. one person appointed by the Board of DNZ.
  2. In establishing the Panel the Delegates and the Board shall have regard to: Ref: DNZ Constitution C17.2.3
    1. experience and expertise;
    2. geographical location;
    3. gender, and
    4. other matters of suitability.
  3. No person nominated for a position as a Delegate or on the Board shall in the same year be eligible to be a member of the Panel. Ref: DNZ Constitution C17.2.3

The member of the Panel appointed by the Board shall continue to hold office until otherwise determined by the Board.

Each member elected to the Panel at the AGM shall hold office until the following AGM or such earlier time as the member resigns from the Panel. A member shall be eligible for re-election at any subsequent AGM.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Receive and consider all applications for appointment to the Board.
  2. Consider the suitability of each applicant for appointment to the Board.
  3. Recommend the best candidate for the available positions, in accordance with the procedures specified in C17.3.2 and C17.3.3
  4. Review from time to time the terms of reference for this Committee and provide any recommendations on this matter to the Board.

Operating Principles

  1. The Panel shall consider all applications for appointment to the Board of DNZ which:
    1. are received by the due date required; and
    2. include a statement as to relevant experience and expertise as per the requirements of the Board Member position description.
  2. The Panel shall assess applications based on the Board Member position description and any other criteria it considers relevant and appropriate in the circumstances.
      1. Unless not practicable in the circumstances, the Panel shall meet and interview preferred candidate(s) prior to making its recommendations. Where a face to face interview is not possible, a telephone interview should be conducted.
      2. The number of candidates to be recommended shall total the number of appointed Board Members retiring (by rotation or otherwise) or a lesser number if there are insufficient suitable candidates. Ref: DNZ Constitution C17.3.2
      3. In the event of there being insufficient suitable candidates, the Panel may on its own initiative recommend to the Board a person(s) who it considers meets the criteria. Ref: DNZ Constitution C17.3.3
      4. No recommendation of the Panel shall take effect unless and until approved by Delegates at the AGM or the Board, as appropriate. Ref: DNZ Constitution C17.2.2

7. Except as otherwise provided in these Terms of Reference, the Panel may determine its own procedure.


  1. The Panel is authorised by the Board to carry out any activity covered by its duties and responsibilities.